My Environmental Philosophy

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry

I believe that humans and nature have always been connected. To assume they were not, or that we have believed we were not, like Cronon has suggested, is not a proper argument but rather an observation on the ignorance of some people. His claim would be more appropriate applied to the increasing lack of empathy humans feel towards the environment. There is a difference between disconnecting from nature and not feeling guilt towards actions. In reality, if we were to be disconnected like Cronon suggests, there would be no climate change, no ocean acidification, no deforestation, etc. The real problem lies with our evolving morals.

As our society continues to develop, we forget what was here before us. We forget that the trees we cut down for malls and apartments were thousands of years old. We forget that the animals we slaughter have emotions just like us. We think things that can’t speak our language aren’t alive. This is where I align with Wendell Berry. In The Pleasures of Eating, Berry wants society to be aware of their choices, specifically the food they eat, in hopes that they will realize what the hell is actually going on. He argues for more awareness.

To lay it out there; humans and nature are connected. Would we say cows aren’t in relation to the land? No. It’s similar to the life cycles we were taught in primary school. The sun grows the plants which are eaten by animals which are then eaten by bigger animals which are then eaten by us. Then our bodies decay and those nutrients go back into the Earth to fertilize more plants to be eaten by animals to be… To quote one of the most famous lines, “Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is only transformed and reused”. We might be different species but we are filled with the same energy. All we are is compounds and energy. What has separated us is our evolutionary ignorance.

They want to colonize Mars! Is it not crazy that people want to colonize Mars because we know our planet is fucked? The Earth is not a cell phone. You can’t just throw it away when it’s broken and get another one. We’ve grown accustomed to someone else always fixing our problems. People whine about climate change and say scientists will fix it. That they will come out with a new technology to save us and then we can continue our destructive ways for another 1,000 years (or at least long enough for us to live here).

My philosophy isn’t a philosophy it’s fact. Government leaders, leaders of countries and pretty much anyone who can do something are run by the corporations responsible for destroying the planet. So of COURSE we’re fucked. Oil makes money from the people and uses it to make sure no environmentalist can get anything passed to help fix the Earth. Researchers spend their entire lives fighting for nature for some guy with a lot of money to say no. It’s just greed. And honestly that’s not something that can be fixed by anyone but the person themselves.

Maybe my philosophy is that we’re screwed. We’re screwed until people wake up and let go of their materialistic lives and ever-increasing ignorance.

The end.

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